Provider Perspective

TOSSD measures the full array of resources to promote sustainable development in developing countries. Hence, TOSSD focus lies first and foremost on a recipient perspective.
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Data collected through TOSSD can also be used to compile aggregates on sustainable development finance from the providers’ perspective. These data are available in individual files on this page, upon request by providers concerned.

The data shown from a provider or recipient perspective have a different point of measurement. The provider perspective includes all TOSSD flows as reported by provider countries concerned (bilateral flows directly to developing countries, earmarked and core contributions to multilateral organisations, domestic expenditures) . The recipient perspective includes outflows from multilateral institutions (e.g. MDBs, UN agencies). Thus, to avoid double-counting of countries’ inflows to multilateral organisations and outflows from the same organisations, the inflows (core and earmarked) to organisations that report to TOSSD are removed from the recipient perspective.